We have over 30 years experience fabricating high pressure air compressors, boosters, foam units, and mist pumps for oilfield underbalanced drilling, water well air drilling, and industrial applications. We are located on 7.5 acres with a 30,000 square foot space with two ten ton bridge cranes, paint shop, truck loading docks, and a rail siding in Midland, Texas.
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Air Drilling Compressors

Foam Units

Mist Pumps

AIR DRILLING EQUIPMENT IN STOCK: The components to build this equipment are in stock. The time required to build equipment is based on how long it takes to obtain key components and the availaility of shop time.

EQUIPMENT WE WANT TO BUY: A list of equipment we would like to buy. Please contact us with information.

WELLHEAD COMPRESSORS: Wellhead compressors reduce pressure in the wellbore and increase delivery into the sales line. Often low volume wells respond positively so that there is a dramatic increase in cash flow (especially with high oil and gas prices). We package reciprocating, rotary vane, screw, and liquid ring compressors. Small 10 to 40 HP electric and gas powered wellhead compressors are available now for monthly rental, sale or testing.

For details contact Vince at 432.620.9155 (email: vince@airdrillingequipment.com).